Monday, July 23, 2012

Healthy Grocery Shopping Trip!

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I love Sunflower Market!
The husband and I did a little shopping trip tonight, and I am proud of us for picking out all healthy items! For less than $30.00, we bought the following items, with uses in parentheses:

Deli Honey Ham (sandwiches)
Wheat Bread (sandwiches)
Rice (stir-fry)
Bananas (snack, breakfast)
Red Bell Peppers (stir-fry, fajitas)
Red Seedless Grapes (snack)
Broccoli (stir-fry)
Zucchini (stir-fry)
Roma Tomatoes (pico de gallo for fajitas)
Cucumbers (salad, snacks)
Yellow Onions (stir-fry, fajitas)
Romaine Lettuce (salad, sandwiches)
Carrots (stir-fry, salad)
Vegetarian Refried Beans (fajitas/burritos)
Avocado (fajitas)
Peach and Raspberry Yogurts (snack, breakfast)
Sour Cream (fajitas)
Two Top Round Steaks (1 for stir-fry, 1 for fajitas)
Cheddar Cheese (sandwiches, fajitas/burritos)
Soy Sesame Sauce (stir-fry)
Bottled Water

So basically, that will make at least two large dinners with leftovers, sandwiches for a couple of lunches/dinner, and some snacks and salads! I don't think we did half bad. The meats were the most expensive items.... makes me think about going vegetarian but the husband would never let that happen ha! It makes me feel so good having the house full of all this healthy food!

I bought all this from Sunflower Market, which will soon become Sprouts.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! You did incredibly well for that price!! We shop at Publix and for $30 I can only get a few things like eggs, toilet paper, milk and maybe a chicken. I hope they open a Sprouts down south where I live. My older son works at an organic grocery store called New Leaf and when I was up visiting a few weeks ago, I was AMAZED at how good the food was! It was a bit more pricey but that taste was incredible! Organic is the way to go if you can afford it!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I've never heard of Publix before. My trick to getting more for my money is that I do not make a shopping list, and mainly just buy what is on sale and build meals around those items! Sunflower/Sprouts has a lot of organic items and I don't always buy them, but even the non-organic stuff tastes good! ;)

  2. Great list! It is always a good idea to stay on the perimeter of the store as all the essentials are there, go into the aisles and temptation may lead you to buy unhealthy choices!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I totally agree! That's why I love this particular store so much. A huge portion of the store is fruits, vegetables, deli, meat, and organic foods, so there's not much in the way of unhealthy to pick from!

      Thanks for the follow as well! I will check out your blog. :)